The workplace and marketplace as we use to know it is changing, technology is changing, people have changed, priorities are changing and that is leaving many questions than answers on the table. The Trans-Leadership Discuss seeks to serve as the platform for the understanding of these constant changes across multiple sectors towards providing sustainable solutions, peer reviews, and facilitating partnerships across the public, private and social sectors that will position Nigeria on the competitive edge in the global post-pandemic recovery effort. 

This Webinar series is organized by ICE (Innovation, Change, and Entrepreneurship) Hub, a subsidiary of the TL First Integrated Management Group and in collaboration with the Centre for the Study of Economies of Africa (CSEA). Our mission is to provide cutting-edge solutions that anticipate, mitigate, and mainstream innovation and technology in the public and private sectors.

The webinar seeks to deepen the conversation on approaches and models of public-private partnership in driving public sector (civil service) reforms in Nigeria. The conversation will seek to highlight the nexus between an efficient civil service and economic development and model pathways for private sectors involvement in these reforms.

Date: 7th September 2021

Time: 12noon

Venue: Zoom

Leveraging on the success of the maiden edition, the topic of the 2nd edition is ‘Mainstreaming Private sector collaboration for public sector reforms: challenges and Opportunities” and it is in consideration of your role in the review of the Federal Civil Service Strategy and Implementation plan (2017- 2020) and the development of the 2021-2025 strategy document that we invite you as a speaker/panel discussant at this high-level webinar.


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