• Starts: February 2, 2022
  • Length: 3 Days
  • Location: Lagos or as decided by the client
  • Fees: ₦ 150,000
  • Reserve: 40
  • Downloaded: 120

Programme Description

This programme focuses on executing reform prgramme across all sectors. Developing countries may carry out a wide range of reforms to improve their living standards, often with support from international financial institutions and aid agencies. This can include reforms to macroeconomic policy, the civil service, and public financial management. Public sector varies among countries depending on the legislation that governs the state-owned organizations and generally, these reforms focuses on providing services that can benefit the entire society.

Programme Objective

1. Understand the strategies of executing reforms programmes
2. Identify and recognize the challenges of executing reforms programmes
3. Contribute to new ways of providing excellent service in the across sector
4. Learn to monitor and evaluate the progress of reforms
5. Develop an understanding of analyzing problems and needs

Programme Modules

1. Introduction to Executing Reforms
2. Reform Strategies
3. Reform Implementation Procedure
4. Monitoring and Evaluation of The Progress of the Reform
5. Challenges of Executing Reforms Programmes
6. Problem Analysis and Needs
7. Costing and Financing the Reform
8. Organizing and Managing the Reform Process
9. Budgeting for Executing Reform Programmes

Programme Outcomes

At the end of the programme participants will be able to:
1. Understand reforms concept, strategy, plans and budgets
2. Analyse problems and needs for executing reform programmes
3. Coordinate the overall reform activities
4. Organize training connected with reform preparation and implementation
5. Manage the technical support of organizational units and individuals entrusted with reform management

Target Participants

Chief Executive officers, Chairpersons, Board members, Directors, Heads of departments, Managers, Executives, City Council members, Mayors, Administrators, Planners, Sheriffs, Police Chiefs, Fire chiefs, school board members, county commissioners, governors, state cabinet secretaries and legislators.

Programme Information Session

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